Mountain biking

A weekend cycling and camping in the Zuurberg section of Addo

All season weekend


We arrive at the campsite and find the place with the fewest thorns, we do not dare ride our bicycles for fear of punctures.

An overview of the Mvubu campsite, not much to it now is there?

At least we have a shower,even a warm one if you know how to work the paraffin heater. We decide on a cold shower rather and are not very impressed with trickle.

Even though it threatens to rain we set off on the track through the bush and no sooner are we on our way and a heck of a thunderstorm soaks us.

The aloe makes quite a nice picture against the dark sky, the bush was fantastic with beautiful autumn colours.

The road goes up and up till we crest the hill between these lovely trees, then we could follow a loop back to camp seeing plenty of kudu and warthogs.

Back at the campsite after an exhilarating ride the weather has improved a bit and we have sundowners on the jetty overlooking the big pool in the Sundays river. Later it rains very hard again and we are forced to have our meat fondue supper inside the tent.

Next morning breaks lovely and cool and we enjoy the tranquil look of the river...

... while frying bacon for breakfast.

On our bikes again we ride in the direction of Kabouga and spot these birds enjoying their breakfast as well.

Ellie is all up for it en enjoys the ride on the rough roads.

Some nice scenery on the way with the layered rock.

We encounter quite a few of these chaps, I am rather wary of them and am pleased to hear later that they get culled to feed the lions at the Addo main camp.

In the riverbed the road gets a little too rough for comfort and we have to walk at times.

The Sundays river crossing is a welcome sight and I enjoy a dip in the fast flowing water although very wary of the hippos who do come down here at times.

We now turn back to camp and take the track which cuts accross the hills, impossible for us to cycle even in the lowest gear so we walk for quite a bit. The track is quite badly eroded.

The final hill, it was quite scary coming down the other side though.

Yippee! Nearly on top and then it is coasting downhill all the way back to camp. I race ahead because I have a slow leak in the front tyre.

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